OUR MISSION:  The mission of PLEASE is to ensure that all animals have the right to live a healthy life and to not be without food, shelter or protection; and that they do not suffer due to the pet owner's inability to afford to give their pet a comfortable life. 

Our Long Term Goal: Build a facility to house all rescued animals until they are adopted by loving families. This facility will include a fully functional veterinary clinic to provide medical care for sick or injured animals. This facility will also be used to train certain dogs to be paired up with a disabled person.


For more information on our programs email us at info@please-rescue.org. 


Spay/Neuter program

In both national and local surveys, the cost of spay/neuter surgery is consistently listed as the main reason why people choose not to alter their pets. The uncontrolled breeding of owned pets and stray and abandoned animals creates an enormous number of unwanted animals that are killed by the thousands each year in Maryland animal shelters.


PLEASE understands that there are many pet owners out there who love their pets but unfortunately are unable to afford the spay/neuter surgery which can cost hundreds of dollars. That is why PLEASE developed the Spay/Neuter program to help pay for the spay/neuter surgery along with the required vaccinations at local veterinarians that we work with.


Currently, we are not requiring owners to submit proof of low income. However, our services are designed to help members of the community who are unable to afford spay/neuter services at a full service veterinary hospital. Our general guideline is a single income of less than $25,000/year or a household income of less than $45,000/year.


We are accepting monetary donations to help families in need to pay for the spay/neuter surgeries. Please click here for more details.

Feed the Pets

The Feed the Pets program is a needs-based program. This program is ONLY for pet owners having difficulty feeding their pets due to cost. PLEASE developed this program in hopes of keeping pets out of shelters.


Participants of the Feed the Pets program will receive enough food to last their pets one month based on the amount of food donated. The amount of food each household receives is based on the size and number of pets.  THIS PROGRAM IS FOR ONE TIME EMERGENCY USE ONLY.




We are accepting donations of unopened bags of pet food. Please click here for more details.



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Pet Rescue

Everyday there are pets in our neighborhoods, near our workplaces, outside our schools, who need our help.


We feed stray cats in several locations in Baltimore/Pikesville areas. We catch these cats and get them spayed/neutered and then release them back into the neighbourhood. They are very wild and would not be able to get adopted. If it is a kitten, or if the cat is friendly then we find them a home.


We are accepting monetary donations to help families in need to pay for the spay/neuter surgeries. Please click here for more details.

Assistance for Meals on Wheels recipients

The PLEASE Foundation has a program that provides transportation and covers the cost for the veterinary services for the pets of Meals on Wheels recipients as well as other elderly, disabled, and needy people. Many of these individuals are unable to transport their pets to the vet’s office and/or afford the cost to do so. PLEASE picks up these pets, takes them to the vet, pays for the service, and then returns the animal/s back to their owners. The recipients will need to prove that they meet certain income requirements to qualify for assistance with their pet’s medical expenses. Many of the recipients live alone with little or no contact with anyone outside of their homes. For most of them, their beloved pets are their only outlet for love and affection. It is our goal at PLEASE to ensure that their pets live longer and are healthier for their owner’s comfort and happiness.

Billy Staffa Pet Taxi

Our Billy Staffa Pet Taxi was made possible by donations from friends and family of Billy.  We use the pet taxi to deliver pet food, supplies, and medication for emergency situations.  DELIVERIES ARE LIMITED TO WITHIN A 3 MILE RADIUS OF 5310 OLD COURT RD. RANDALLSTOWN, MD

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